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Scientific Large Scale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Design Study


Deliverable No.Deliverable NameWP
D1.1Technological status and capabilities of existing ICT Research Infrastructures1
D1.2Requirements and needs of scientific communities from ICT-based Research Infrastructures1
D1.3Analysis of legal compliance and regulation issues in Europe1
D1.4Roadmap for long-term evolution of the Research Infrastructure1
D2.1Initial description of the SLICES architecture and services 2
D2.2SLICES as a Service, baseline 2
D2.3SLICES Reference Architecture2
D2.4SLICES as a Service, advanced2
D2.5Use cases validated 2
D2.6Plans for deployment of SLICES core 2
D3.1Governance structure and possible types of legal entities3
D3.2Cost analysis3
D3.3Risk analysis 3
D3.4Final governance structure approved by the partners 3
D3.5Roadmap for the implementation of the governance and sustainability 3
D3.6Data protection policies3
D4.1Data Management Plan4
D4.2SLICES infrastructure and services integration with EOSC and Open Science (initial proposal)4
D4.3Definition of the SLICES metadata profiles to support FAIR principles (initial proposal)4
D4.4SLICES infrastructure articulation with NGI and international testbeds 4
D4.5SLICES infrastructure and services integration with EOSC, Open Science and FAIR: Recommendations and design patterns (final report)4
D5.1Dissemination, Engagement and Communication Strategy 5
D5.2Dissemination and Communication report (initial report)5
D5.3Dissemination and Communication report (final report)
D5.4Strategy for the future communication and exploitation of the SLICES-RI
D6.1SLICES-DS partner guide 6
D6.2SLICES conceptual design report6
D7.1POPD – Requirement No. 1 7